Cheap soccer shoes and cleats for indoor and outdoor

Cheap soccer shoes and cleats for indoor and outdoor

Cheap soccer shoes and cleats for indoor and outdoor use are a precious commodity.

Finding cheap soccer shoes isn’t easy, especially if you want quality at a decent price.  Usually, in the world of soccer cleats, the less expensive brands just can’t compete with the well-known commodities.  But that doesn’t mean you have to pay inflated prices just for a good pair of boots.  If you know how to shop, and where to shop, you can often find shoes on the cheap.  But there are a few strategies you’ll want to employ beforehand, to ensure that you find shoes you will really like.

One of the main things is to see how each different brand fits you.  That means before you starting buying up any cheap soccer shoes you see, you’ll want to try some on beforehand.  Each brand name has a different way of sizing their shoes, and so each will feel differently to you.  Go to a sporting goods store, and try on the major brands before making any purchases.  That means testing out Nike, Adidas, Puma and Umbro before even looking so that you can make note of which sizes for each feel best to you.

This is important because most of the deals you can find will be online.  Finding cheap soccer shoes usually means going through an internet retailer, to really get a bargain.  But the problem with that is you can’t try the shoes to determine comfort beforehand.  The worst thing you can do is buy a shoe without trying them because then you can end up wasting money on a shoe that does not fit.  By trying out the brands beforehand, you’ll have an idea of what each type offers.  That way you’re better educated before you start shopping the sales.

From there you’ll want to find a good internet website for shoe browsing.  You can use a site like to really find cheap soccer shoes.  As long as you already have your size concerns researched, you should be fine in your endeavours.  However, especially when buying used shoes, does not offer any guarantees.  For the best shopping, you should use a site like  Almost every boot type is accompanied by user reviews so that you can weigh performance concerns against prices.  This is especially handy so that you can determine the best shoe on your budget, without having to see each model.  Remember to pay special attention to negative reviews, as they usually tell you more about item quality than the positive ones.

You’ll have to be prepared to spend over $40 if you want a good pair of cheap soccer shoes, that will still stand up against the $100 pairs. is going to be the best place to do that, but remember there are still a few corners you can cut.  If cost is a bigger factor than playability, purchase shoes in which the cleats are already attached.  This means they are not as versatile on different surfaces, but they will be cheaper, and should still be perfectly playable on most fields.

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